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    Let costumers dive,
    navigate through your venue
    with our Virtual Reality technology
    The most immersive way to explore your venues
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    Customize our VR viewers
    and get the most effective,
    merchandising gadget
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    Your venue anywhere,
    anytime, on any device
    The VenueTour engages planners early
    in decision process and accelerates sales
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    Discover VenueTour
    features with this video
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    A visual App
    to present your venue
    Available on AppStore & Google Play
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    Customized virtual tours
    for each of your Proposals
    Inspire planners. Show the specific rooms offered.
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    The best 360º panoramas &
    3D floor plans on the market
    Recreate your Venue in the digital world

Welcome to the venuetour

Engage planners early
in decision process and accelerate sales



Give a better promotion to your spaces by immersing planners in the most similar experience to be in your Venue.

The VenueTour is a virtual tour solution designed specifically for Convention Centers and Fairgrounds with one goal: increase your business sales.

Your Venue closer to Organizers
With the VenueTour, visiting your facilities becomes easier, faster and cheaper than competitors. Organizers from all over the world can easily walk through all your spaces from their pc, tablet or smartphone, living the most similar experience to be in your Venue before the in-situ visit.
Enhance your sales meetings
Surprise your potential customers with an innovative, creative and attractive solution immersing them in a 360º experience. Whether in a meeting, a presentation or an exhibition, bring your Venue always with you.
All important content at a glance
What organizers need, what your sales team cries out for. 360º panoramas, interactive 3D floor plans, pdfs, static images, capacities and dimensions, all in one solution.
Mobile Friendly
The VenueTour solution automatically detects the device from which the user is visualizing your Venue and displays a version adapted to each device either PC, Tablet or SmartPhone.

View a project. Feel inspired

VenueTour App


In a presentation, at the offices of your client, on the plane, in an exhibition or anywhere you have the opportunity to present your Venue. Always have on hand your spaces.

Bringing your Venue in your Tablets & SmartPhones is now possible with the VenueTour App, which also facilitates to planners the management of their events.

  CCIB iOS app      CCIB Android app

Proposals Administrator


Forget about bothersome Power Points and ugly pdf presentations that take tons of your time.

The Proposals Administrator is a web cloud solution that allows your sales team to create customized virtual tours for each of your proposals. Trough a 4 steps wizard and within few minutes your innovative proposal will be ready, generating a specific url with the personalized virtual tour.

The tailored proposals include information of each client and the event and, most important, only show those spaces offered for the specific offer. This module shortens the time that your team dedicates to the creation of proposals, which become highly innovative, visual and professional at the same time that facilitates the understanding of the spaces that you offer for a concrete proposal.

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Virtual Reality Apps


We are developing customized VR applications to promote your venue, that offers an unbelievable experience to yours customers.

Let customers immerse themselves in your virtual world and present your content, products, ideas and visions in 360 panoramas and 3D virtual reality using our cardboard headset.

  Luxcongress VR app


Brand your VR viewer


We make and design the VRiew VR cardboard viewer to offer the best quality and experience for you and your brand. We ship from Barcelona to all around the world.

Customize your VRiew VR cardboard viewer and surprise your fans and customers. A personalized VR cardboard viewer is a perfect solution to fit your marketing needs.

Media Production


If you already have great content, we can integrate it in the VenueTour solution.

However, if you don’t have this content or you think that your spaces deserve to be shown with the best quality in the market, we can produce for you:

  • 360º Panoramas
  • 3D Interactive Floor Plans

view multiresolution floorplan


Show it everywhere

Ready for all devices      PC     Tablet     Mobile  

& platforms      HTML5     iOS     Android  

The venuetourLeading Team

We are a virtual tour company based in Barcelona

Our clients

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What the clients say

  • The implementation of the Virtual Tour at the CCIB as a new communication tool has given us a more tangible way to show clients our wide range of spaces in an easy, fast and esthetically pleasing way.
    It has been especially useful to international customers who, due to geographical distance find it difficult to justifty a trip to barcelona to visit our Convention Center because of time or financial restraints.

    - Carolina Garcia CCIB Sales&Marketing Director -

  • As a medium-size Exhibition and Convention Center, the VenueTour solution offers us a great visibility and positions our Venue as a real candidate for premier events. All our customers are happily surprised to realize that what they see is exactly what they get, and this facilitates the organization of their events.
    The Proposals Administrator is the cherry on the icing.

    - Marta Puga Fira Sabadell Sales Director -

Contact us

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us.
We work worldwide

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If you have a project or an idea, that we can help you to develop, there is a wish to get venuetour involved in some creative work or co-work, or you just want to say "hi!"

Then, the best and the most comfortable way to talk to us is to easily use the contact form , to send an email info@venuetour.net or to call (+34) 937 486 096

Please, point out what goals do you set. We'll get back to you in less than 24 hours and we'll discuss the details.

VenueTour office

Tres Creus, 236
Sabadell - BARCELONA

(+34) 937 486 096

The VenueTour is an innovative solution developed by visita3D, a trademark of MULTIMEDIA MARKETING MANAGEMENT SLNE.